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General Data
Full Name: Padma Patil
Gender:: Female
Nicknames:: None
Bloodline:: Half-Blood
Sexual orientation:: heterosexual
Prior relationships:: Terry Boot
House:: Ravenclaw
Affiliations:: Dumbledore's army
Occupation:: previously mediwitch at St. Mungo's Hospital and mediwitch for Hogwarts

Physical Data
Height:: 5'2"
Weight:: 105
Eyes:: brown
Hair:: black, long in length
Build:: average
Defining marks:: Indian
Disabilities/handicaps/faults:: Too caring, and work-a-holic
Behavior:: Work-a-holic that rarely makes time for other things in her life
Dress Style:: Casual if not in work clothes
Phobias/fears:: letting someone die while under her care
Mental health:: decent
Quirks/habits:: prone to eating cereal at any point during the day
Likes:: men, reading, working, and Blaise
Dislikes:: cruelty

Background Data
Parents:: Jasminda and Satish Patil
Siblings:: Twin sister, Pavrati
Place of birth/childhood home:: Panaji

Please briefly outline your character's history from the end of HBP till now (a few sentences)::

Padma dedicated her years after the war to helping others. She puts in extremely long hours in St. Mungos with little worries about her personal life. Her only previous relationship was with Terry Boot, and things ended amicably at the end of the war. She spent two years after the war receiving training in how to be a mdi-witch and upon her graduation was offered a place on the fourth floor: home of Spell Damage.